Buddha Therapies Launch Their Brand New Location Tomorrow With Leanne Campbell

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Buddha Therapies, the only completely holistic spa in the North West, is opening the doors to its brand new location on Saturday 4th October!
Join Radio City’s Leanne Campbell from 1pm and get your first glimpse of the new look Buddha Therapies! 
The team will be demonstrating the benefits holistic treatments can have on all members of the family, especially children.  They’ll be showcasing how their holistic treatments can help with anything from bed wetting to childhood acne.  
Using un-intrusive treatments such as Reiki, Korean Hand Therapy and Amno Fu as well as holistic organic facials, common problems during childhood and adolescence can be quickly and easily resolved with no fuss. 
At the launch, the team will go through the many treatments and products available to help with issues such as bed wetting and previous clients will be at the Spa to talk about how treatment at Buddha has helped their child.  
Something Buddha Therapies has become renowned for is their holistic approach to fertility treatment.   Using treatments like acupuncture, KORE Therapy and cupping, they have been able to help dozens of women become pregnant and go on to have healthy pregnancies. 
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‘Tracy from Buddha Therapies was referred to me by a friend to help me try and conceive.  I was 40 years of age and had been trying for over a year.  With a busy career and family life i was finding it difficult to relax.  After my consultation, Tracy picked up on some imbalances within my body which she wanted to address first before treating me for fertility issues, explaining that ‘when the mind and body is well, you will have a good flow of energy so it will be easier to treat you and help you to conceive’.  After four treatments of KORE therapy, acupuncture and cupping which were all timed to fit in with my menstrual cycle, i am pleased to say i am pregnant!  I definitely feel that this wouldn’t have happened so quickly without these treatments.  Thank you, LL.
Treatments at Buddha Therapies have also been able to help clients who are going through IVF Treatment. 
‘Hi Tracy, i had my e.g. collection yesterday and we had a fabulous 17 eggs!  Wee only had 7 last time so it’s a huge jump! i just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help with the acupuncture and cupping treatments – each one made me feel more relaxed and healthier and got me to this amazing point in our cycle.  You have magic hands!  Thanks again, Kate’.
Buddha Therapies also treat sporting and physical injuries with great success.
‘I developed Tennis Elbow due to my job in the building trade.  Followign doctos and hospital appointments, pain killers and physiotherapy i was still in terrible pain.  This went on for over a year before i went to Buddha Therapies to enquire about acupuncture.  I met Tracy and was instantly at ease.  She talked me through the treatment, of which i had 5 of before the pain completely went away!  I cant say enough good things about the team at Buddha Therapies, i tried EVERYTHING but their treatments worked for me.  Keith’.
From 4pm the focus will shift to holistic takes on cosmetic treatments.  From acupuncture to aid weight-loss, holistic manicures and pedicures as well as organic facials and Chinese cupping, there is a treatment for every need.
‘I just want to say how much Tracy has helped not only my skin, but also my confidence. I have suffered with acne since I was 12 and I am now 39 and through the years I have suffered red acne scaring all over my face, so much so that I would not even go to the shops without wearing a lot of make-up. I have taken every type of anti-biotic and cream the doctors …prescribed to me, but this treatment has been the best I have had. Since having 8 sessions of Cosmetic Acupuncture which I now just top up with 1 session every few months, the scaring has gone down so much that I can now go the shops with no make-up and have dramatically reduced the amount of make-up I wear to work. Please, please do give this information as I would love anyone else who has suffered with skin like I have to know that there is a treatment which can help. I would like to reassure people that the needles do not hurt, as I do not think there has been a time were Tracy has not relaxed me during the treatment that I haven’t fell asleep, only to wake myself up snoring… Many thanks Tracy you’re a star, Karen’.
‘I initially had Body Acupuncture for aches and pains in my joints, pleased with those results I had Cosmetic Acupuncture. After the first treatment my fine lines were less noticeable and my skin glowing , I had a course of five by which time my face looked fresher, plumped up and had a healthy glow, so much so friends said I looked like id been on holiday. I now have a top up every six weeks, involving so much more than just acupuncture with complementary treatments such as cupping and ending in a relaxing facial drainage using pressure points and essential oils. Tracy and her staff are so warm and welcoming. Pat’.
If you’re looking for that perfect activity for a hen party, birthday, Mothers Day, baby shower or any other special event, why not try one of Buddha Therapies Spa Escapes?  They are also ideal for Mums who are simply after a bit of me time!  
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The Relax package includes two treatments per person, robe, herbal tea ritual and a fresh fruit and chocolate fondue.
The Serenity package offers three treatments per person, robe, herbal tea ritual, fresh fruit and chocolate fondue and fresh fruit cocktails.
Or why not try their new Afternoon Tea Retreat. 
Each existing client will receive a £10 gift voucher and a £5 gift voucher will be given to all new clients who attend the launch.  You could also win one of the Afternoon Tea Retreats up for grabs in a raffle raising money for Claire House Children’s Hospice.  
Juice Plus will be providing complimentary refreshments in the form of their delicious smoothies, great for any age! There will also be the opportunity to ask Tracy McMahon, owner of Buddha Therapies, about any of the therapies and treatments available during Q&A sessions throughout the afternoon.
There will also be demonstrations of Kore Therapy, Buddha Therapies is the only place in Liverpool offering this kind of therapy, which can be used on both children and adults.  Kore integrates both Western and Eastern assessment and treatment skills to ascertain the root of any conditions, injuries, imbalances and poor performance.  Kore treats the reason why you are suffering, which is why it is so successful. 
Buddha Therapies offer treatments and products for all of the family, whatever the age or problem.  so make sure you join us on Saturday 4th October as they launch their new, Holistic Health Spa and see if there is a way they could help you and your family lead a healthier, happier life.



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