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Right guys so those of you that know me will know I am an absolute nightmare when it comes to my hair colour! One week I will absolutely love it the next i will hate it! Lately I have realised  that I like it blonde blonde… like white blonde on myself but when I look at pictures and see other peoples colour I think I prefer it darker. So doing the usual colour change that I do every 2 years ( 2 years as i must forget after this period and start the whole process again!!!!) from bleached blonde already slightly damaged hair to dark brown practically Michael Jackson black  hair.. back to blonde! Yes you read it right.. its as though I bleach the living day lights out of it, get it the whitest tone it could possibly be then decide to throw a dark tint all over it!! I remember being sat in our salon a few weeks ago, saying to Sue and Eden in the salon, no this time i really want to be dark! I was then made aware of the condition and told if you go dark though you cant put any bleach on  for a few months cause it’ll just snap!!!! Them last very words!!!!


So as you’ll have guessed from the pics (soz for the poor attempt of the dark image but it was the only one I had!!) 2 days later the bleach was out, full head of bleached highlights, one week later again cause it wasn’t blonde enough another set of bleached highlights to the point of my hair feeling like snot!!! As many of you will have noticed the side braid that has been getting worn 24/7 thats to cover the slight breakage on the part! My hair felt awful till my lovely friend Jan from The Gallery Nails & Beauty who has been doing my nails for 15 years gave me this miracle product to try by Aveda, Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment. Being the in hairdressing industry I have tried all the most amazing products,  which are all still really good, and I  think that if it wasn’t using all our products from the salon originally then id have been baldy after bleach attept number  1 let alone 4 goes in 3 weeks, but this Aveda product is something else. You can feel the difference after one go. Its like an instant drink! My hair feels like it did before I went dark which I thought would have taken a few months not a couple of weeks so if any of you out there have got really dry chemically treated hair then give Jan from The Gallery a call on 0151-220-2883 who will be happy to give you a little sample to try but i promise you’ll definitely be going back to buy it.


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    Aveda Hair Products At The Gallery Nails & Beauty – Jade Ainsworth Gossip

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    Aveda Hair Products At The Gallery Nails & Beauty – Jade Ainsworth Gossip

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    Aveda Hair Products At The Gallery Nails & Beauty – Jade Ainsworth Gossip
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    Aveda Hair Products At The Gallery Nails & Beauty – Jade Ainsworth Gossip

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