Hello 2014!!!!

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I cant believe it is the end of another year! It all went far to0 quickly for my liking! I hope every body had a fantastic Christmas and wish you all the very best for 2014!

Im sure there will be a few people out there who ended the year like i did with the hangover from hell! We went out on Boxing Night to Chameleon Bar in Liverpool and i think i may have had a few too many drinks/cocktails/shots which resulted in one of them really bad hangovers the ones that take a couple of days to get over, where you are adamant you will never EVER drink again!! You end up that tired you feel like you have jet lag or child induced sleep deprivation but my onesie and a lot of coca cola and carbs for a few days helped!

New year can only mean one thing! New Years resolutions!!! They always seem so easy to make yet very difficult to keep! I decided to try and limit my Chinese meals, Mc Donald’s visits and chippy teas to one of each a week which to most probably seem ridiculous but that just proves how many of them i have! I am also going to try and limit the amount of drinking weekends i have to two a month which wont last longer than 2 weeks with my birthday celebrations starting at the end of the week with a trip to London and a birthday bash so thats going to be that out the window! My main aim for 2014 is to create as many memories with all my fabulous friends and family as i can! These are things i really value so  i am really looking forward to it!

I have a lot in store over the forth coming weeks and will be setting up a monthly news letter to keep you all up to date so if you haven’t yet registered for that then do it now!

Finally i  would just like to personally thank all of my readers for coming back week after week and keeping my stats so high and also to my fantastic guest bloggers who contribute with their input each month.

Sending all my love for 2014 x

Jade Ainsworth Gossip