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Would Like To Welcome Our New Guest Blogger Lewis Bailey

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After Reading a couple of Lewis’s write ups on Twitter i approached him to see if he would be happy sharing his views on here as i thought… like myself… a lot of my readers would appreciate his views on health and fitness as it is something that everybody is interested in, you just struggle to find the time to do so, but hopefully he will inspire you!

Here is a little bit about him:-

Founder of Elite Fitness Consultants personal training company, Lewis has risen from a health club PT to one of the UK’s finest personal trainers through his educational pathway under 2 of the world’s leading professional athlete coaches Paul Chek and Phil Mansfield. He now owns a number of successful private personal training studios based in Liverpool & Wirral.

From leaving the Armed forces 12 years ago Lewis then embarked upon a career of personal training and through his qualifications and experience over the years he now has a passion to help the public become fit & healthy. Lewis specialises in a holistic approach to helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle, he knows the human body is so complex and diverse that just exercise and nutrition alone is only a small part of becoming healthy. He deals with other areas such as hormonal function, sleep patterns, stress and the psychology of why people struggle to live a fit & healthy lifestyle.

With this holistic and multifaceted approach he can truly help any individuals wanting to change their body shape, live a healthy lifestyle and achieve a personal sense of wellbeing.


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