What’s The Best Tan For The Perfect Golden Glow

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With Sunbeds being a thing of the past now and spray tans being the safest way to sport an all year round tan I have decided to try some of the latest tanning products around at the moment.
To ensure you have the most effective and streak free tan I tend to exfoliate 24 hours before I am planning to do my weekly tan.. Wednesday always works out to be the best evening for me! I then always follow with a really good creamy moisturiser ( like Nivea or one of my favs at the min is white chiffon by Boux avenue).

I have tried the majority of the creams and mousses but the sprays seem to work better for me. People always seem to think these are a lot more tricky to apply but I have to disagree you simply spray and leave to dry so there Is no need to wear gloves or get your hands dirty and is so much quicker. I just start at the feet and work my way up to the face and neck and then re apply. Make sure you wear a shower cap when applying and avoid the hair line especially if you are blonde as it tends to go slightly ginger. Also have a bottle of bleach at hand to rinse the bath/shower room after application otherwise you wake up to a shock in the morning! If you feel like you need a slightly deeper tan the following morning you can always reapply that night. So if you have a night out planned for the sat I always tan thur incase I need to reapply on the Friday, but once you find a tan to suit you, they generally last for about a week.

I have tried and tested the top 5 on the high street at the min and have to say they were all really good but one stood out for me more than the others!!

L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self – Tanning Dry Mist £15.49


This was really easy to apply, the diffuser was slightly wider than the normal allowing a more even and application. The mist was also very light so there was no wet feeling. The tan started to develop instantly and didn’t really have the usual smell that comes with some tans. The only down side for me was the colour wasn’t the dark tone that I like it was slightly more orange than what I usually wear.

I gave this 8/10

St Tropez Self Tanning Bronzing Spray £20.43


This is one of my favs that I always seem to try others and go back to this. The colour is perfect and so easy to apply just make sure you give it a good shake before hand. There is a slight smell that comes with this but if you put it on before bed when you wake up simply wash it off and the smell goes. A good all rounder I say with this for colour/tone and durability. The only down side with this is the actual spray nozzle as I have had problems with this before sometimes it gets blocked and its also a bit pricey if you use them a lot.

I give this a 9/10

No7 Perfectly Bronzed Self Tan 260 Quick Dry Spray £12.75


This was really quick and easy to apply it just didn’t seem to be deep enough for me It was more of a gradual tan that you would need to build up. Ok for people who haven’t used tan before to see how they feel about using it for the first time.

I give this a 6/10

Garnier Ambre Solaire Dry Body Mist £11.69



Again this is brilliant for anybody new to tanning as it needs 2-3 applications but just isn’t dark enough for me. Ideal for anybody pale as it does need to be built up but is really easy and simple to apply.

I give this 7/10

Celebrity Sun pack of 2 for £25.00

This is definitely the winner for me! Not only does it smell like baby oil it also has a fabulous finish with no sign of orange at all! Looks like you have actually been on holiday and at a perfect price too! I would definitely recommend this to all my readers!








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