#SundayClub At Chameleon With Myself Ian Longo & Mark Ingham

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After a lock out Halloween and a few shots too many for me! I am just about over the hangover and all raring to go again tomorrow for #SundayClub.

If you fancy swapping your Saturdays for Sundays or wanna do the double whammy and do both nights come and say hi to us and check out the tunes from Ian Longo and Mark Ingham.

Its FREE admission with no guestlist and is definitely #PlaceToBe on a Sunday!

We have VIP Booths available starting at:-

£50 for house vodka, £75 for Belvedere and £100 for Grey Goose.

All packages include mixers and waitress service.

We are also offering a free shot with every cocktail so its looking like a messy one! See you all there!

To book a booth call 0151-707-0283 or email



To see your banner here, please email me for more information at


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    #SundayClub At Chameleon With Myself Ian Longo & Mark Ingham – Jade Ainsworth Gossip

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    #SundayClub At Chameleon With Myself Ian Longo & Mark Ingham – Jade Ainsworth Gossip

  9. #SundayClub At Chameleon With Myself Ian Longo & Mark Ingham – Jade Ainsworth Gossip

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