Montana 1 Hour Self Tan Mousse

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Montana tan have brought out a range of fantastic 1 hour tans! Perfect for anyone on the go! I first tried this product last Thursday morning as I totally forgot before I went to bed to put my tan on for an important meeting I had at mid day. So as soon as I woke up that  morning I applied Montana new 1 hour mousse all over my face and body. Made some brecky, done the school run, then came home before I knew it the hour was up. Not thinking that the tan could have taken in such a short amount of time I wanted to keep it on but checked the time and didn’t want to be late.. As I always am but I was told first impressions count! Quickly I took a showered dried and checked the mirror and the tan had totally worked! To say I was taken aback was an understatement! These products always state stuff like this but generally they don’t work, but this actually had so I was really pleased. I was out later that night but once I came home I applied another coat for the following night out, this time i left it on over night as I didn’t get in till silly oclk in the morning. After about 5 hrs sleep I woke up again i took a shower but this time I looked like I had been on holiday! Off I went to town when a guy I know asked where I’d been on my holidays???  Holidays???  I was like Erm… No where it’s this new tan I’ve fallen in love with! Not only does it not smell (as I got somebody to take the sniff test Friday night) It is also really easy to apply! 

So girls if your looking to try a new tan then I thoroughly recommended trying this one! For a more natural day look i would do the 1 hour but if you wanted to go dark dark i would suggest leaving it on a few more hours. For more information or to purchase any of their products check ou t




Here is just a little comparison of me on the left with Montana and my lovely friend Jenny who’s wearing fake bake!
Montana v FakeBake!



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