Hope Everybody Had A Fantastic Easter!

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Hope everybody had a lovely Easter and didn’t go too crazy with all the eggs!! I actually found it so difficult this year trying to track some eggs down! I saw a few of them early on in March but being last minute.com thought I’d wait till the day before when I couldn’t find a single one! Me and my friend Jenny literally drove round every shop, supermarket and petrol station and even went threw the tunnel to Birkenhead in the hope to find some… which was all a waste of time! As the only eggs we would be able to find was egg fried rice in Chinese restaurant we decided to eat at!  Luckily for me though my auntie called and asked for Jaz to stay there which I was thrilled about! No Easter bunny hunts for me this year!!
I had a lovely lazy Easter morning before going and visiting the fambo! As I was having a lovely day I decided to get on wine.. Which only results in one thing for me! Going out!!! One glass turns into one bottle then I get the itchy dancing feet so decided to do the usual rounds of the bars in the city centre before hitting Mansion were Firebeatz were playing and we had an absolute ball! Great night with fantastic atmosphere although I paid for it the following day!
I revived so many gorgeous comments on the dress I wore in the piccy..  it was by my fabulous designer Mark Melia! All his outfits are specially designed to suit each individual and made to measure. He has a show room on School Lane in Liverpool and his telephone number is 01517098881 or check him out on twitter @meliafashion for all his recent designs!



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