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Guest Blogger Lewis Bailey Want A Great Body – Then Get Real!

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Want a great body – then get real!
I’ve been a personal trainer in Liverpool now for over 13 years and trained pretty much every different kind of personality you could imagine. One of the reasons for my success over the years with clients has been through identifying people who really want it!!
When I first started personal training regardless of programme design and nutritional plan quality there were still a good number of people who were not achieving their goals and as a note, if any personal trainer tells you they have changed every client they’ve had, you might want to think about training with a more honest PT. The truth is it takes a great deal of determination and sacrifice on the client’s behalf along with the expert guidance of a good trainer which will ensure success!
From my own observations and experience the problem lies in the client’s willingness to actually want to change and make those necessary sacrifices in order to get the body or health they desire. A common example I encounter is price – I charge a minimum of £140 per month for 1 session a week, to which, so many people say to me I really want to lose weight but I can’t afford it. I completely understand the situation regarding finances however when I ask this person how much money do you spend each week on alcohol, take-aways, eating out, cigarettes, the daily coffee from Starbucks etc almost all of them spend more than£35 per week.
My next question to these people is “are you not willing to eliminate this garbage to allow you to pay for a service which will help you change your life by making you look and feel amazing”? And most people strangely enough reply with “I could not do without my coffee from Starbucks or my nights out every week”. At this point I have easily identified this person is not determined enough to make a couple of sacrifices to get what they want so I do not want them as a client and will NOT try to convince them to start personal training with me.
The bottom line is this, if you want something in life you have to work for it which comes with sacrifices so stop looking for the easy ride, wake up and smell the coffee – pun intended there (sorry). Anyway, if you want to change then be prepared to work for it – that means changing things in your life. Just doing a couple of fitness sessions a week is not nearly enough to get the body you desire.
And if you are seeing a personal trainer who is just taking your money for fitness training sessions without address all the necessary lifestyle changes then you need to question them!
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Don’t just wish for it – work for it!!


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