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Guest Blogger Lewis Bailey Tells Us How To Beat ‘The Hangover’

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There is no doubt Liverpool is one of the best party Towns in the UK, with a wealth of trendy bars, restaurants and clubs it’s difficult to avoid the City’s famous atmosphere. Even me, Mr Fitness Freak Personal Trainer who is writing this blog, has had some amazing nights in Town (I do not wish to divulge any more than that). However, what typically comes, hand in hand, with amazing nights are, incredible hangovers!

Today’s blog is a quick 4 step process to take away that horrible pain of the morning after. I firstly must get my bit in and say the best way to avoid a hangover is simply not to drink! That said, let’s deal with pain of the next day:

1. The night before – I know you are not at your most sensible at the end of the evening but, if you can dig out some small piece of conscious thought then drink a pint of water before you collapse into bed. This will dramatically help reduce the headache the following day.

2. Hydration – When you get up in the morning (or in the afternoon if it was a messy one) drink another pint of water or two within the next couple of hours. The goal is to drink water until you keep going the toilet and your urine is clear. Once you have achieved this you are fully hydrated. This helps to flush some of the toxins out and certainly helps the kidneys.

3. Food – Normally at this point you will crave only sugary junk food and this is when Mr McDonald and Colonel Sanders are rubbing their hands. My advice is, don’t!  One of the better things to eat is cheese on wholemeal toast and later on in the day try a bowel of vegetable soup. The bread easily satisfies your sugary cravings and the vegetable soup will help settle your stomach.

4. Things to avoid – Don’t drink cups of tea or coffee. They are a diuretic and only further dehydrate you. Hair of the dog is a complete myth. This will mask the pain in the short term but will simply drag your hangover on for a longer period. Try to avoid anything acidic. The PH levels in your stomach will be out of balance and very acidic after night out, so the goal is to try and balance PH levels with less acidic foods & drinks and consume more alkaline drinks. If you have a really bad stomach I recommend taking a teaspoon of Andrews Health Salts.

Sticking to these 4 steps will dramatically make a difference to how you feel the following day. So if you can actually remember to do this let me know how you get on with it.

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