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Guest Blogger Lewis Bailey Talks About – ‘Stop Talking & Start Doing’

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Over the years of being a personal trainer I hear people everyday talking about wanting to lose weight or get fit. If I’m honest I can count firmly on two hands the amount of people I’ve met who said they are currently training 4 times a week and following a healthy food plan and living a healthy lifestyle.

When I meet somebody for the first time and they ask my occupation the classic line of “yeh I should really start losing weight or getting fit” never fails to come my way! To be frank, I’m actually sick to death of hearing this. I constantly think to myself why don’t you do something about it then? When I ask people this very question I always hear the following:

1. I don’t have time

Really??? There are 24hrs in a day and 1 hour is just 4% of that, so are you sure you don’t have time? Could you not just leave Coronation Street & eastenders?

2. I don’t know what to do

Seriously!! God gave you a brain, use it! Are take-aways & alcohol bad for you? Is going for a run and eating chicken & fish salads good for you? I’m sure you can answer these questions correctly.

So if you are the kind of person who keeps “saying” and not “doing” then have a little word with yourself and ask yourself the question. Do I really want to be fitter or lose weight? If the answer is yes then stop talking about it and do something about it right now and don’t put it off till tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the today you said you were going to do something yesterday!

So take Nike’s advice and just do it!

If you need any help with taking those steps to fitness then contact me on 07771 533 408 or email or for advice, tips and daily motivational quotes follow me on Twitter @PTElite_

Good Luck!


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