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Guest Blogger – Lewis Bailey Talks About Are Your Family & Friends Good For You????

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Are your friends and family good for you?
This blog may come as a painful truth or an amazing revelation in your life. Most of the clients I see for private personal training will have a good number of negative forces in their life which often comes through friends and family. Although friends and family (most of the time) will genuinely be trying to support you they subconsciously hinder your efforts when you are trying to reach your goals. This may not just be in the world of health & fitness but life in general, how many times have you heard statements like this:
• Do you think that’s a good idea? I wouldn’t if I was you.
• You’ll never be able to do that.
• What are you doing that for?
• That’ll never work.
If you are a person who wants to achieve anything in your life you will have undoubtedly heard these opinions. So the question is, if these people close to us are supposedly looking out for us then why do they spray a sheet of doubt over your ambitions? Well, after studying human behaviour for a number of years these are the most common reasons why:
Subconsciously they
• Disbelief in your ability or their own – therefore it cannot be done
• Lack of vision and understanding of your passions and ambitions
• Fear for you failing
• Fear you succeeding
• Don’t have any experience of success themselves or knowing anyone that has
Conscious they are
• Jealous & resent you becoming successful
• Realise the possibility of you leaving their peer group
There are of course many other reasons however these are most common and if you want proof of this then simply think back to when you was really passionate about doing something, were there any friends or family who quickly shot you down? If so, you need to be very careful with these people in your life, they will always pull you back be it conscious or subconscious. Either way you need to avoid them or be strong enough to always completely dismiss their opinions.
My very own example was with my own mum (who I love dearly by the way). When I was managing health clubs I decided to leave a secure job with a decent salary to set up my own personal training company, to which, everyone told me I was being ridiculous (including my mum). Although I dismissed all these opinions it was hard getting motivated when my mum clearly expressed a negative view of me becoming a personal trainer. If I had taken her advice those years ago I would never have been in the position I am today, owning multiple private personal training studios across Merseyside with one of those being the biggest in the North West.
What we tend to lack around us these days are the positive people who believe in you, but when you find them they make suggestions like this:
• Sounds like a great idea, if you have thought about XYZ then do it and let me know if I can ever help you!
• Sounds like a real challenge but I really do think you will achieve it. If you need any help then let me know.
These are the statements we need to hear in our lives and if you don’t, then you should think about making friends with people who do!
So always remember that some people closest to you can hinder your ambition, be it to get the body you want or going for the big job you have always dreamed of. When you hear similar statements as above you should completely dismiss them and go for it!
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Don’t just wish for it – work for it!


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