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Hey Guys

Hope everyone is well.

So we are almost at the final hurdle as Christmas is fast approaching with just over 4 weeks to go. Don’t know about anyone else but this is the time where the main things on my mind are where to go and what to wear!

Lets start with Christmas attire!

Obviously since its Christmas you have to go that extra mile in the fashion stakes and search for that perfect Boxing Night/NYE outfit so to avoid the dreaded scenario, where you are stood at the bar and there are at least 2 other people rocking that same item of clothing you thought was original. To avoid this I always try online shopping as certain key pieces tend not to feature in any of the high street stores. Now one place despite its popularity I can never go wrong with is All Saints. I have found so much I want to purchase one of my favourite pieces being the slim fitting, double breasted “Akan Sleeveless Pea Coat” as I love a good statement Coat/Jacket.



I could go on forever with my wish list but I suggest you guys check the site out for yourselves at:


Sticking with the statement clothing department another site I’m loving is:


From the unique designs to the avant garde looks I am in love with this site and this is another place I will most definitely be coordinating my party season looks from so check that out too. #YourWelcome

From what to wear to where to go! On Saturday 30th November Liverpools Newest Nightclub “Secret”  opens its doors! Its situated on the corner of Victoria St/Temple court in Liverpool City Centre where “Mo’niques” used to be!

I was lucky enough to have a sneak preview this week and its looking amazing! Plus with celebrity guests such as Calum Best, Sophie Anderton & Djs Anton Powers/Ian Longo its guaranteed to be a great launch night on Saturday so go check it out!

Im also pleased to announce that I have been booked to perform a Live PA at “Secret” on New Years Eve so make sure you are all there as its going to be one to remember!

Well thats it for me for, catch you all soon 🙂

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Until next time folks…

Peace & Love




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