Guest Blogger Eden Showers

Guest Blogger Eden Showers Talks About The Release Of ‘Thanks For The Memories’ And His Birthday Plans

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Hey Guys

 Hope everyone is well.

 I’m pleased to say the holiday blues are now gone and I am officially back down to earth (reluctantly) and back to business as usual. So its that time of year again where I am anticipating my birthday which is on July 3rd and I will become the ripe old age of 29. I must say I am looking forward to a great night out down at “Mansion VIP” with all my amazing friends but in the meantime I’m on the hunt for a nice little ensemble to rock for the event. Whilst I’m on the subject of clothes everyone needs to check out the “All Saints” Online Sale its pretty awesome my cart is going to need editing big time ha!

 On the music front all is going well, as usual I’m busy writing and working on new material to keep you guys dancing. I Recently had some MAJOR news which is very very exciting but its all top secret for now so watch this space 😉 I am also going to be putting myself out there soon and will be auditioning for “The Voice UK” which is pretty exciting. I must admit I have always suffered with nerves when it comes to intimate performances/auditions etc so fingers crossed it all goes well. Put me on a stage in front of thousands and I thrive off it but I fall to pieces in front of a handful, go figure.

 Onto more pressing news!! Its not long now until “Whelan & Di Scala Feat Eden – Thanks For The Memories” is finally released on July 8th so get that in your diaries, planners, alerts on your smartphones, calendars or whatever and lets make it a major hit. Speaking of which the track is picking up serious momentum across the airwaves at the minute generating lots of daytime airplay which is incredible so heres hoping for a crossover from the house charts into the main chart.

 To coincide with the release of “Thanks For The Memories” I will be performing it Live for the first time at “Mansion VIP” on July 20th so make sure you all get down and show your support! Follow the link below to be directed to the website for booth bookings/guestlist etc as I guarantee it will be a lock out.!reservations/c1mxq

 Anyway that’s it from me for now REMEMBER “Whelan & Di Scala – Thanks For The Memories” on JULY 8th via Beatport.

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 Until next time folks

 Peace & Love




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