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Could Exercise Be Bad For You????

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Exercise could be bad for you……Really?

I recently watched channel 4’s programme the Food Hospital which, I am a big fan of. However, I was disappointed when watching the recent episode which covered an experiment on how exercise can have adverse effects on the body. My obvious reaction to this being a personal trainer was “what a load of rubbish”. But as there was scientific credibility behind this, my curious mind forced me to look at a number of scientific papers that covered these shocking but “scientifically proven” claims.

My search did not take long, I went straight to PubMed to see what papers and studies had been published. For those of you that are not aware of PubMed, it is a database which holds thousands of medical literature and analysis papers, which, is a highly credible resource for medics, personal trainers and members of the public to access. I then found a recent paper which covered six different studies on 1687 individuals. The name of the paper is “Adverse Metabolic Response to Regular Exercise”. I won’t bore you with all the details of the paper so I will give you a brief synopsis.

The paper looked at the effects of exercise on the following; blood pressure, HDL levels (cholesterol), triglycerides and insulin was quantified. This study shown 10% of the people within the experiment had an adverse reaction to regular exercise over a number of weeks. So according to this research the scientist are right to say Exercise can be bad for you……or are they?

If you read the whole paper and the six studies, you may or may not notice 2 big holes in this research. Firstly, there is no consideration on what each individual is eating and drinking during this period and they categorise a healthy individual as someone who is not taking any medication. So does this mean that every person who is not taking any medication is healthy…..I think not! Secondly, there is no evidence to show if the individual’s are affected by medical drugs. In 4 of the 6 studies a great number of individuals were taking medical drugs for high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, or dyslipoproteinemia (abnormal lipoprotein).

The problem here is a tunnel vision approach on trying to prove how one element can have a negative impact. In this isolated capacity they may be right however there are so many factors that affect the human body that it is actually very difficult to prove that one single component can cause certain problems for certain people and this undoubtedly gives the wrong message to the general public, not to mention making every personal trainer across the land justify their existence.

The fact still remains that regular exercise is good for you! The people trying to disprove this are scientists looking for a promotion or scientists wanting to promote the latest medical drugs. Regarding the 10% with the negative outcome, what do they suggest these people do – sit on the couch all day and eat crisps and chocolate?? Seriously, what are they thinking? The one thing scientists cannot deny is the human body, by design, is made to move. So is exercise really the problem?? Or could it be the way some individuals live their lives?

Rather than get bogged down with all these confusing and often misleading studies and TV programmes, just try keeping an open mind. The topic of living a healthy lifestyle is not rocket science and if you can answer the commonsense questionnaire below you know how to live healthily:


Q1. Is eating McDonalds and other fast foods good for you?

Q2. Is drinking Alcohol and smoking good for you?

Q3. Is regular exercise good for you?

Q4 Is eating a Chicken Salad good for you?

If you have answered these questions correctly you have the ability to look after yourself and greatly reduce the risk of many life threatening diseases (should you follow up on the answers).

We in the personal training world are big advocates on not just exercise but also, nutrition and lifestyle. A multilayered approach is needed when improving your health and changing your body shape. Should you need any help with a healthy lifestyle then see a personal trainer within your area or download our free healthy living e-book on our website

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