The Weekend The Giant Puppets Arrived

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In the middle of a recession, when moral is low………..3 oversized puppets arrived ,and once again the people of Liverpool joined together as one big family to embrace them.
The joy of seeing young and old faces mesmerised by these Giants. It was the topic of conversation wherever you went.
People travelled in their thousands to have a peek at these huge wooden puppets which touched our hearts with high spirits and deep emotion.

Everything about the operation was so well thought out, the music made the whole experience more Magical.
I myself thought the word Spectacular was an understatement and i know my daughter will remember “The weekend the giants came” for the rest of her life.

Thank You Liverpool once again you stepped up to the mark and made me so Proud of our City!

Article and images supplied by Lynne Carville

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    Merci pour ces bonnes idées 🙂
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    The Weekend The Giant Puppets Arrived – Jade Ainsworth Gossip

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