Sunbeds cause Skin Cancer

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New figures show that skin cancer is rising more rapidly in Britain than any other form of the disease and i would like to bring to peoples attention the harmful damage that these radiation waves do to your skin and your health. From a very young age i have regularly used the sunbeds. Every day after i had finished school i would take the trip there, cover my skin in what ever lotions they had to make my skin as brown as i possibly could not knowing there would be consequences later on in life. Every time we went on a night out i would make sure that we took a trip to the ‘beds’ before hand, apart from making you feel better and look browner i always felt my makeup went on better. Even when i was pregnant with my little girl the only thing i missed and hated about the pregnancy was not being able to go on them. As soon as i had her i continued to go on, obviously not as much as i did before as there was now alot of hype in the media about them being harmful and the risk factors, but i didn’t tend to listen to it to much and went on especially  if i had an event, photo shoot etc… and being a model and your appearance being your focal point the thought of being pasty and taking your clothes off for a photo shoot never really sat well with me, till now!!!!

I have always had a few moles on my back and one on my face which i have had since childhood,  but it seems the more sun exposure i have had over the years the more have appeared but it still didn’t concern me till me a few weeks ago. I had been out on the Saturday night and on Sunday night the smallish mole i have on my face started to look a bit inflamed and slightly change colour but i thought i may have just had a reaction to some make up i had used the previous night so wasn’t really concerned till the next morning when it was double the size then i realised the week before i had been on the sunbeds without any goggles, which i always did wear but there wasn’t any available in the sunbeds i went to so then i became a bit concerned and went the doctors. When i got there he measured it and took a photograph and referred me as an emergency appointment to Broad Green Hospital. At this point i started to panic cause im terrified of hospital and have a really severe needle phobia to the extent i had my daughter with no pain relief cause i am that scared of the thought of a needle!!!

I arrived at the hospital for my appointment and they examined my eye and after about ten minutes of looking through the microscope and analyzing it he came to the conclusion that it was benign ( non cancerous) so i was over the moon, and was about to leave till he asked if i had any moles anywhere else so i showed him my back and straight away he picked up on what i thought was just a mole like the others but he became very concerned, and said it had to be removed asap. I said was it absolutely necessary and he said yes it is and began to explain the difference between benign moles and the early signs of Melanoma (skin cancer).  The early warning signs of melanoma are typically identified by the acronym
“ABCDE” (A for asymmetry, B for border, C for color, D for diameter and E for evolving). My one had almost all of these, it was at the early stages but if i would have left it may have cost me my life! I was absolutely terrified going to get it done, not so much of the procedure but due to the fact i had to have a needle, but after alot of fear i managed to get it removed but i am just glad its all over with now, and it turned out the pain of my fear was alot worse than the actual operation itself!

I  would just like to bring it to peoples attention that if you have anything, anywhere on your body then get it checked out. There is no way i would have gone to get mine checked unless that had happened with my eye but i would have been sorry. It only takes a minute to go the docs and it could save your life.

As regards to the sunbeds I’m sorry now that i ever went on, you really don’t realised the damage it does to your skin. Also many young girls don’t recognise the damages associated with using these beds.So if you are in two minds if to go then just go for a spray tan instead and be safe. You always think it will never happen to you, but i was one of them people and it could have been to late before i would have realised. Think of the consequences, malignant melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer, and in the last 15 years it has doubled. Last year 9,000 people were diagnosed in Britain and 2,000 of these have died as a result. So please get anything checked out!


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