OXY Crystal Microdermabrasion Facial – The Powerful Alternative To Cosmetic Injections

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The OXY Jet facial has now arrived in Liverpool guys and I absolutely love it!!! So far I have had two treatments and my skin feels and looks amazing! Over the years I have tried every type of facial and peel going but I have never felt or saw results as good as this.

Microdermabrasion is designed to re- energise the skin instantly. Sterile crystals are gently circulated over the skin to remove dead skin cells, oils and other debris that clog pores and leads to dull complexions and blemished skin. This treatment which is loved by many celebs, refines and purifies the skin like no other and is far more superior compared to other peeling methods in my opinion.

The treatments are proven to reverse sun damage, and pigmentation, smoothes acne and scaring, reduce enlarged pores and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and also helps circulation and increases cell renewal.

If you would like more information or would like to book in for one then contact Emma Elliott on 07812171969 and by quoting my name you will receive a good discount.  The Oxy-Crystal facial is normally £55 but you can get it for £40 or the Beauty-Tox facial is usually £100 but you can get it for the discounted price of £70.



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