Happy New Year Everyone

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Happy New Year all!!!! Sorry its a little bit late but i have been manic this week. Well to be honest it took me till half way through the week to get back to normal after my New Years Eve party. I had the hang over from HELL and i mean from Hell i have my fair share of them but this was a bad one!!!! If i have to be honest though it was so worth it, cause we had the best night EVER! It started off just being a little family gathering but turned into the full rave! I invited all my family and close friends and it was strictly fancy dress!!! When i say strictly i mean strictly if you wasn’t dressed up it was simple you wasnt getting in! Nobody could believe it when i said it but the fact that everybody else had gone to the trouble to get their outfits sorted and make an effort then it would have been unfair to them just cause the others couldn’t be bothered so if you were one of them then sorry guys but i did say STRICKTLY fancy dress!!! I was ok though Mark Melia worked his magic and made my outfit, i was made up with it, everybody loved it.

 Everybody who did come looked absolutely fantastic and were fantastic company!!  When everybody arrived they had their pictures taken then they made their way to the kitchen where i had an absolutely amazing cocktail waiter making all the drinks. We had Mojito’s, Cosmo’s, Mudslides, Bellini’s you name it we had. We had a Chinese buffet that was delivered and served early on but every body was to busy dancing and drinking to bother with the food as i had done a great mix of tunes, old ones, new ones and the classics, we all danced the legs off ourselves till 6 oclk the next morning. We all had an absolute ball! Every single one of us!  I have got to say though it wouldn’t have been no where near as good if we didn’t have our fantastic cocktail guy! I felt like i had gone to somebody else’s party cause i didn’t have to do a thing, I’m certainly not the hostess with the mostess but everybody said i  had put on a fab party but i put it all down to Tom ( the waiter) if anybody is planning a party  then email me on jade@jadeainsworthgossip.co.uk and i will give you his details because he was worth his weight in gold! So much so are doing it again very soon!!!


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