Guest Blogger Eden Showers

Guest Blogger Eden Showers Talks About His Debut Track ‘Open Up Your Heart’

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So I was recently booked to attend
and perform at the Annual “Party Monster Ball” down at “Mansion
VIP, Liverpool” and can honestly say I had one of the best nights out of
2012 so far. With wall to wall clubbers dressed in some of the citys best costumes
from Freddie Krueger to Undead Alice In Wonderland the atmosphere was electric
from start to finish.

I had been booked in order to
perform the 1st ever live performance of my debut track “Open Up Your
Heart” which I recorded with the Liverpool Based dynamic duo “Whelan
& Di Scala”. Being that it was the 1st time I had performed the track
live I was slightly nervous but the crowd put me at ease with their amazing
energy and singing along knowing all the words. The whole performance was so
well received and left me feeling a bit overwhelmed and proud to be a part of
such an amazing night.

Huge thanks to everyone who was in
attendance and to all the staff at Mansion for looking after me. Roll on the
next Performance!

Whelan & Di Scala feat Eden
“Open Up Your Heart” is scheduled for release via Flamingo Recordings
on November 12th 2012.

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