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Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Georgia Salpa and Andrew Stone face the axe

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Irish beauty Georgia Salpa and Pineapple dance studios Andrew Stone will face the public vote this week after they received the most nominations from the Celebrity house mates.

 Who do you think will go???? If i have to be honest then i find Andrew really annoying, all this about him not being gay….. hes only in denial to himself don’t you think? As the rest of the public seem to think he is! Also when they done that task he got so upset about not getting through on the X Factor, he seems a little mixed up, its as though hes always having to put a front to protect his vulnerable side but if  he was to be himself more and be honest everybody would probably love him. I suppose i would rather he went than Georgia but then on the other hand he is quite entertaining cause he is so cringy and is so annoying! Georgia is just stunning, she is absolutely gorgeous to look but she doesn’t seem to have much of a personality, and if she has we haven’t saw it yet. Maybe as time goes by she may come out of her shell a bit more but will it be too late????? I think i would like her to stay in though for Kirks sake lol! We will find out the result on Friday anyway!!!!

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