The talented Mark Melia fashion designer Liverpool

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Mark Melia is a very talented designer who is based in Liverpool. He has been dressing many girls of the city for over 30 years, whether if be the races, a wedding or just simply a night out he will make you something to fit no matter your age, shape or style there will be something he can create just for you and at a reasonable price too!  As you can see  by looking at his designs  he is consistantly at the top of his game.  When ever there is an event i need to attend without a doubt i make a call to mark and he never lets me down even if its only a few days before!!! He inspires me and he always makes me feel at my best.  Over the years i have spent a fortune on dresses and outfits and probably worn them once or at the most twice but with everything that he has made me i really look forward to wearing everything again, as he makes everything perfect to suit you.

www.markmeliafashions.com 0151-709-8881


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