I absolutely love Shellac on my nails

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Ive heard so many people talk about Shellac that i thought it was time to give it a go! I have heard good things and bad things about it but all i can say is I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! No more waiting ages for your nails to dry! No more chipped nails less than 2 days in to your manicure and lastly no more false nails! If you are, like me, have wore acrylics for so many years that you thought it was time to give your nails a break but no matter what they look awful, either due to the weakness of them or due to the lack of polish staying on them cause of  peeling or chipping constantly then i thoroughly recommend giving the Shellac a go. Not only does it look lovely, it also adds protection to your nails which will help to keep the length and it lasts for  14-28 days. All the colours in the range are really nice too, so far i have only had the black cause at the moment it seems to go with everything im wearing but I’m looking forward to trying the pink and especially red in time for Christmas.  After so many people not being happy when they have had this done then i suggest you book an appointment in a salon that somebody has recommended to you. I got mine done at The Gallery Nails and Beauty salon on Prescot Road, Old Swan, Liverpool and can thoroughly recommend them, not only are the staff there fully qualified to the highest level they are also extremely professional and offer a fantastic service. If you would like to enquire or make an appointment then give them a call on 0151-220-2883.


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