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Desperate Scousewives

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I would like to congratulate and welcome the cast of the new reality tv show Desperate Scousewives which will be hitting E4 on the 28th November. The  show will follow 14 characters and show a little bit about their life, style and what their aim is to suceed and make a name for themselves. They all come from a variety of backgrounds with one intention to make it big on the screen. We can look forward to seeing some big hair! Tanned skin! Fantastic outfits and some amazing events that the city has to offer. So tune in for some unforgettable footage.

The cast from left to right is as follows:-

Amanda, Chloe, Debbie, Gill, Elissa, Jodie, Layla, Adam, Danny, George, Jaiden, Joe, Sam, Chris and Mark.

Amanda – Model, business woman, local Liverpool celebrity and mum

Chloe – Abbey Crouch’s cousin and wannabe model hoping to follow in Amandas foot steps

Debbie – Beauty pageant queen

Gill – Debbies sister who is looking for love

Elissa – Journalist & Columnist  and also dated Joe on and off

Jodie – Liverbird lived in London but just returned to the city

Layla – Irish beauty and on and off lover to Joe

Adam – Club promoter and friends of Danny and Joe

Danny – DJ and ladies man

George – Family owns the Hilton Liverpool and his latest project is about to hit Liverpool’s night club scene BIG TIME!

Jaiden – Liverpool’s very own Perez Hilton

Joe – The alpha male

Sam – Layla’s best friend and the baby of the bunch

Chris & Mark – The gay power couple

We look forward to the series and wish all the cast a huge success!!!!




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