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Arrival of Desperate Scousewives

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We saw the arrival of Desperate Scousewives last night and to be honest i can not believe the uproar over this show! I don’t really know what everybody was expecting???? Obviously with a title ‘Desperate Scousewives’ based in Liverpool it wasn’t going to be an educational documentary was it???? I do think we need to give it a chance and wether your opinion is good or bad  the producers have obviously done something right as everybody is talking about it. Any publicity is good publicity as they say anyway isnt it?????

One of my good friends is Amanda Harrington who is in the show and to be honest i think its totally unfair all the comments that were on Facebook and Twitter last night. The producers have put her in a scenario like all the other characters and told her to act on it as it was day to day life, that doesnt mean to say that she thinks she is this international celebrity supermodel who demands attention left right and centre shes just a single mum who’s a model and from Liverpool  and i know how hard she has worked for this show. She has worked from early morning till the middle of the night which i would certainly stuggle to do! So i think its totally unreasonable for the comments that people are saying. She went on the show wanting people to see the real her rather than the negative comments that she gets and it seems the show has totally capitalised on this.

 Even though the majority of young people can not relate to many of these girls there will be a fair share of people who can. Since the whole wag culture came about i think that young girls expectations of what they want from life has totally changed, where a few years ago people would strive to get a good education and go to university now adays its more about putting time and effort into your appearance, being seen at the ‘ in’ places and look for a man with money who can provide this glamourous lifestyle for them rather than providing it  for themselves.

 Wether you believe this has had a negative portrayal of Liverpool, and is full of a gang of fake wannabes the fact that the whole topic of conversation last night and today has been regarding this show then i think it has definately been a success. Although my personal opinion going forward would be,  is that they do need to introduce a range of different characters and show the intelligence behind the city and the professionals in it, rather than focusing on the sterio typical image then i think it will get the publics support and progress to be a huge hit.

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